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What I read in September that you should read too

How Google Cost Me $4 Million
This is a lesson for those of you that like to buy links. Don’t do it unless you want to run the risk of being deindexed by Google. Check out how this guy lost a lot of money by getting dropped from Google.

Why Lead Generation Fails: 6 Mistakes Marketers Make that Kill the Sale
I’m looking at moving into lead generation and this article has some good tips worth reading.

Ten Easy Ways To Improve Your Landing Page Conversions
I’m slowly getting my feet wet with paid traffic so anything I read that can help me lose less money in the process of learning the better. I know it’s insane that the only way I make money is with free traffic but I guess that just goes to further illustrate how risk averse I am.

Keyword Research with Google Suggest Could Add 5,000 Visitors a Day!
In this article you’ll learn what happens when Google drops a keyword phrase from Google suggest that was previously sending this webmaster a ton of traffic. My recommendation? Look at what keywords Google suggests when you’re buying domain names and choosing which keywords to target.

Grasping Opportunities #2: How I Turned $2.3K Into $16.5K
Tyler Cruz shares his latest score by selling Starcraft2.net and a group of additional domain names. It’s always fun to read about the process behind selling a website(s) and why the sellers do what they do. I agree that the best time to sell a Starcraft 2 related website was when popularity was at it’s peak. This is something I try to avoid when I’m on the buying end of a website :D

How Starcraft2 is like Internet Marketing
After sharing Tyler’s story about selling Starcraft2.net earlier I had to include this post from Shoemoney as well. The gamers out there will like this article.

15 Entrepreneurs Share how They Build $1,000,000+ Companies
This is a collection of interviews from various entrepreneurs that build $1,000,000 companies and they’re well worth the read. I’ll admit I didn’t read them all but I did check out this interview with Brant Bukowsky because I’ve heard of him from my Elite Retreat buddy Brandon at Growth Partner.

Angry Birds sells 6.5M units on iPhone and flies to new smartphones
I’ve been reading more and more about various successful iPhone applications as I prepare to release my first iPhone app later this week. So it’s always cool to see what companies are doing in the iPhone application space (Angry Birds is definitely the most successful game). I know this article was written a while ago, but the vision they have for the franchise is so far beyond a $.99 game.

Is Google AdWords Keyword Tool Now More Accurate?
Turns out yes – the Google Adwords keyword tool is more accurate now which is great news (see the follow up post). This makes it that much easier to determine which niches you should enter and profit from (and I can teach you how I do it here)

Twitter user sells @Israel username for six-figure sum
A Twitter user sold his @Israel username for six figures. Kind of a cool back story about why he got the username in the first place but it’s too bad the Twitter user name gold rush has come and gone just like the domain name rush years before.

Link Building 101 – The Almost Complete Link Guide
Lastly, I’ll close things out with a pretty good link building guide. I believe most of these are usually just regurgitated content, but this one has a few tips I haven’t seen before.

Coming Up:

I’ve got some great things planned for you including another interview from another fellow Elite Retreat alumni on Monday. Then I’m going to share the details about my first free webinar on how to implement a CDN on your blog to decrease load time.

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  1. You’ve got gold here. Just got done reading How Google Cost Me $4 Million. Whew! Got a few more reads here…. thanks for the finds, Chris.

  2. 15 entrepreneur was good one! Thanks

  3. Regarding the first Google story, I’m confused. Part of using an SEO service is with the understanding that you’ll be paying for a service that will involve outsourced link building. As far as I know, paying to get links in google doesn’t land you getting banned from the index. It’s the practice of engaging in illegitimate keyword stuffing, spam, etc/ that gets you slapped by google especially if your links aren’t varied and not from legitimate good PR sites.

    Are you denouncing outsourcing linkbuilding in general Or just warning against possible services that can use spammy methods?

    1. It’s a warning that outsourcing a service like link building can get you banned. My guess is that the people they hired got a little too creative in the way they built links.

      It’s also just good to know the people you’re outsourcing link building to.

  4. I love the monthly posts on what you have been reading. Most of the time bloggers will link to different articles and I usually find one or two interesting. I would say you are good for 9 out 10 being solid. Thanks and I hope you keep them up.

  5. I was interested by the first point about google penalising a company for buying backlinks, it has always seemed very tempting to do it as it saves time etc- but really not worth it- Grant

    1. Yah buying links isn’t worth the risk for sure.

  6. Yep – You got some great post here… I like the trick on how to use Google suggest to do some keyword research…

  7. thanks Chris for sharing these resources.
    Got some really good stuff especially link building 101 is superb.


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