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What I read in October that you should read too

Chicken Nuggets Are Made From This Pink Goop:

I’ve been on a bit of a health kick lately because I’ve found it very easy to coast into lazy habits for eating unhealthy foods. Seeing an image like this one off to my right makes you realize just how screwed up the food is here in America. Just look at this article about how scientists have shown cancer is man made. Hopefully this stuff scares you into eating healthier like I’m trying to do. Ok, now let’s get to some stuff that might help your business…

My Volatile eBay Partner Network Earnings:

Ian shares his experience with eBay partner network. I should also mention that during the month of November and December eBay Partner Network is offering extra money for people that drive additional traffic.

A Crazy (Yet Common) Trait of Many Wildly Successful Internet Entrepreneurs:

Eric discusses a common trait of “forced chaos” between successful internet entrepreneurs and includes me as an example. (Perhaps I’m vain and egotistical, but I pretty much link to any article where someone links to me :D) But I agree with the idea that when faced with adversity that’s the time you really need to dig in hard and fight against it (like when you get fired from your day job).

An Acquisition Or Two

Scott was the first interviewee on my blog where he shared some insight into his business. In this article he opens up about a website he purchased for $90k along with a few other websites he purchased.

To Truly Become Rich, You Need To Stop Acting Like It

This was a great article with some very intriguing stats behind millionaires and their spending habits. As you might not expect, 86% of all luxury vehicles are driven by people who are not millionaires. This fact shows that most people like to pretend to be rich and it mentions a book called “The Millionaire Next Door” which I plan to pick up. Don’t get me wrong, it’s cool to have nice things and after I make a few million dollars I plan to buy a Tesla Roadster before I buy my castle.

How I Almost Doubled My Conversions In Less Than 5 Minutes

I met Logan at this year’s Blog World and had a ton of fun talking to him and learning some tips from him. In this blog post he shares a tip on how he turned a 2 year old campaign that’s been earning $50 – $100 profit from 1.05% conversion to 1.97%. I also said on Twitter recently that Logan is one of the affiliate marketing blogs that everyone should start reading (plus he’s a cool guy too).

StoreCrowd – $0 to $1M+ in Affiliate Sales in 12 Months:

Here’s an inside look on how a custom coupon site went from $0 to $1M in affiliate sales in a very short period of time. Well worth the read and a great way to start up the blog again.

Young & Stupid: How I Lost My Millions

This is a very interesting story on how a young guy lost literally millions of dollars with his web business. It has several lessons worth learning and I highly recommend you check it out. Very crazy stuff…


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  1. Thanks for linking my article, Chris, I appreciate it. And thanks for sharing the other interesting stuff you’ve read recently – always nice to find some new reading material.

  2. Thanks for the great post! I have read The Millionaire Next Door, and it is a great book. I am definitely showing my kids the pink goop that they love so much.

    Thanks again,


  3. Thanks for these! I love them. Please keep them coming (more than once a month would be even better)

  4. Thanks a ton for sharing these posts, especially about the guy who lost millions in his business.

  5. I wonder what stuffs made up that pink goo.

  6. That young and stupid case of Andrew Fashion have a very simple reason behind it and that is the most basic and an important thing that every blogger or a website owner should understand.

    It was simply that he changed his website to provide better service, so all the links were changed and search engines could no longer find those links that were indexed very well earlier.

    So his website traffic dropped and hence his earnings and whatever money he was spending on kept going and that is how he lost millions and had no good income.

  7. Chris,
    Thanks so much for the link! :-) I truly appreciate it! In October (and November), I have been enjoying your blog quite a bit and it’s consistently on my list of top blogs. It’s funny – My eBay earnings have still be volatile but have rebounded quite a bit. I’m looking to have a record month in November if things hold up and will post about it after the month ends. However, I have seen things turn quickly in the past so not getting my hopes up too much just yet. Thanks again, my friend, I truly appreciate it!
    All the best,


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