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What I read in June

Here is what I read in the month of June that I believe you should read as well.

Why You’re Crazy If You’re Not Using Upsells In Your Business
I read this post from James Dyson and going into it I thought I would disagree with him in some way. But when he showed how every business model around is offering upsells from fast food to airliners I could see where he’s coming from and completely agree.
Guide to Evaluating Startup Ideas
I read this post from Seattle entrepreneur Tony Wright and thought it was worth mentioning here. As many of you know I run a wide range of websites and in turn make a full time income online; however, my mind and eyes are always on the ideas and projects that could turn into a 7, 8, 9 figure company. So this was a nice list of ways to help avoid getting into something that isn’t really a good idea.
18 Must Read SMX Advanced Highlights
My SMX Advanced wrap up was more about having fun with the people I met, on the other hand I stumbled upon an article from someone that paid attention during the keynote and attended some sessions. Check it out courtesy Dot Cult.
How many times should you Tweet your blog post?
This was an interesting one from the VC Mark Suster and the reason why I’m sharing it here is because he uses data to show his results. I personally only tweet my stories once, but perhaps I should do it more frequently? I am up to nearly 1,000 Twitter followers despite the fact that I only follow 30 people(ish) so there is enough of an audience to make it worth it to me to retweet my stories more than once perhaps.
Plenty of Fish vs Facebook Traffic
Justin highlights the advertising differences between Plenty of Fish and Facebook. Worth the read if you’re new to affiliate marketing and still trying to get your bearings.
How We Got to 40,310 Facebook Fans In 4 days
This post highlights some very interesting tactics to use Facebook ads to get users to become fans of your Facebook page. It shows how driving them to the wall is the worst tactic, and instead you should use an incentivized page (i.e. a squeeze page) to get the best results. Overall well worth the read and something I’m going to try out with one of the websites in my portfolio soon.
Putting the Authority Website Building Game Plan in Motion
Interesting article on building authority websites above here and I’d share my input on the strategy she laid out, but I believe strategy for authority site building changes from niche to niche. One thing I do know though is at the end of the day if you don’t have at least top 3 for your primary keyword then you’ll have a lot of trouble increasing income (as long as your keyword has significant traffic that is: 10,000+ exact searches a month).

If you find something I should read please contact me and I may share it here next month.
Note: No one has sent me an interesting article to read / share in my monthly wrap up series yet. If you do send me an article that I use in my next monthly wrap up I’ll link to your website as well – so take action!


My income report will be up next where I outline the sources I made money from along with my overall take for the month. If this sounds good to you, subscribe to my blog so that you don’t miss out. See past income reports here. Tomorrow I’m going to another event at the Has Offers offices; however, this time Shoemoney will be there as well. I first met Jeremy at the Elite Retreat (his event) and learned a ton from him and the rest of the attendees. It should be very fun to hang out with him again. I’ll write a post about the event if I learn something worth sharing. The last event I wrote about got very few comments so I figure that perhaps people aren’t interested in event wrap ups?

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11 comments… add one

  1. I’m back. Couldn’t stay away.

    Answer me this: You are thinking about Tweeting more, upselling, building a big list, gaining credibility and so on.

    Yet, you make almost all your money via Amazon which is for blogs nobody knows or cares about because they are not social. You make almost all your money from organic searches (I assume) and I wonder why you are putting so much time into gaining credibility when clearly you can make more money by building more Amazon sites.

    I understand that it is good to diversify and maybe someday your list and your many Twitter followers will make you money but that is going to take a long time and a lot of work.

    As you can tell, I hate blogging for other bloggers. I have no list, no Twitter, no Facebook, and I want to stay unknown. I am probably missing the boat but my one and only goal is to make money. oh…and I guess to annoy you too.

    So, are you building more Amazon sites or hoping this social thing will work out or a little of both?

    1. Hey Jack, you should email me via the contact form with a real email address instead of posting comments anonymously like you do. Granted, this one wasn’t as irritating as your others usually are.

      Here’s the answer to your question: I’m still making money with Amazon and continue to build more sites both authority and small niche. I get a portion of my traffic from organic search but it’s not all just from search. I enjoy talking about building a business online and helping others do the same so it’s not just about the money. I have used my blog to open doors with other companies that can help my business in other ways. Of course I’ll eventually monetize my blog in some manner, I’m just not stupid enough to be like the other people that are in this niche charging $15 for a 125 x 125 banner ad on the sidebar. I’d rather wait until I could get much more before considering doing it.

      So I guess I’m doing both and I’m still diversifying my business even further. I have an iPhone app that a company is developing for me now as well. I’m also looking at buying existing earning sites as well.

      1. Hey,
        Don’t worry about deleting any comment I make. You should and I won’t care. I will DEFINITELY understand. Well, I’ll leave you alone for another month or two.

        Off on a cruise to Alaska this Friday so no Internet for a week.

        1. lol, I’m not worried about it. I just think it’s odd. Enjoy your cruise.

  2. i find the event wrap ups interesting since i can never go to any of them. maybe do a longer term follow-up on some of them to let us know if anything you learned has made an impact.
    .-= Exposed SEO´s last blog ..Why You Should Always Subscribe to Affiliate Email Notifications =-.

    1. Perhaps something like if I learned one key tip and then implemented it in my business. Write a follow up post about the tip and how it improved things?

      I hear you. I’ll try and cover more lessons learned next time, but that would require me paying attention which could be tough to do… :D

  3. Wow, that allfacebook.com post was awesome. Thanks for listing what you have read because some of these places have content I want to keep reading and subscribe too.
    .-= browie´s last blog ..Hot Topic Trends Marketing =-.

    1. Yah, I’ll keep writing these types of follow ups for sure.

  4. Hey Chris,

    Great Roundup man. I really like the James’ post “Why You’re Crazy If You’re Not Using Upsells In Your Business”.
    Going to check out all the links.
    Thanks for sharing this great roundup.

    Looking forward to read your monthly income report. Thanks.

    .-= Dev | Technshare´s last blog ..3 Solid Reasons Your Blog Is The Perfect Launch Pad For Your Business =-.

  5. Chris, thanks for this excellent read: “How We Got to 40,310 Facebook Fans In 4 days”

    Gave me instant ideas.
    .-= Moon Hussain´s last blog ..Importance of Following Through With Your Goals =-.

  6. Nice list
    The article about facebook fan pages on allfacebook was really interesting and it has given me some ideas ;-)


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