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Podcast 7: Conversation With Jason Yelowitz – Author Of Bathrobe Millionaire

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The seventh podcast episode is now live on iTunes. In this podcast episode I speak with Jason Yelowitz who has generated millions of dollars in commissions as an affiliate marketer and recently released the book Bathrobe Millionaire.

On this podcast Jason talks about how he first got started in this business back during the high valuations dot com era in the early 2000’s. After running a few other internet businesses he transitioned into the life of an affiliate marketers and focused on building his business out of his home.

It’s a very interesting story filled with some big successes and big failures. I love being able to speak with other internet entrepreneurs that have been involved for years in the market because the advice shared based on experience is well worth listening to. I hope you enjoy it!

Items Discussed In This Episode:

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When does affiliate marketing become unethical?

If you’ve even had a small exposure to affiliate marketing than you have no doubt heard of Acai Berry, Google Money Tree etc. and you also know that these products are completely bogus. So my question is simple; as an affiliate marketer where do you draw the line in the products you promote?

I know that one of the main reasons Oprah and Dr Oz are suing these types of companies is because of how they are using their image to sell the product which should happen regardless of what product is being promoted. The government is even getting involved and trying to slow down these companies from doing business. But let’s face it very few affiliate marketers (if any) will ever be penalized for selling this product so does that mean you should just continue? Or do you ever think to yourself, ‘Ok, I made a lot of money selling products I know are useless, but perhaps now it’s time to try and sell legitimate products

I think it’s fairly easy to see which side of the fence I stand on, but I’m interested in what you have to say (especially those of you that promote some of the more questionable offers…)