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Podcast 9: How To Profit From Domain Names – Advice From Visionary Rick Schwartz

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The ninth podcast episode is now live on iTunes. In the ninth podcast episode I speak with Rick Schwartz who began buying domain names back in 1995 and now has a portfolio of well over 5,000 domain names including great ones like candy.com, portfolio.com and more. He has a very interesting story in how he built his domain name business and how he saw the rise of the internet and the need for a domain name just as he saw in the early 90’s with phone numbers. He shares some practical advice for those of you looking to get into domain names and you’ll love some of the one liners that Rick dishes out in this podcast as well.

Enjoy the show!

Items Discussed In This Episode:

1-800-toll free numbers
Vanity 800-numbers
Ari Goldberger
Monte Cahn
T.R.A.F.F.I.C auction series

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20 comments… add one

  1. Another enjoyable episode – Rick is definitely the authority on domain name investing. It’s interesting to think that with the rising popularity of niche websites what might happen 10-15 years down the road if Google search dramatically changes and everyone is left with terrible domain names. At least a solid EMD dot com should retain value, but prefix/suffix .net and .org…not so much.

    1. Yah, one thing I meant to ask him but didn’t get a chance was his thoughts on Google Chrome doing away with the address bar and whether or not he thinks that is reducing type in traffic. Perhaps the people using Chrome are more savvy anyway and not likely to be typing in anyway though…

  2. He can earn a Fortune by selling out the domain. This is what internet is all about. First come first sever.

  3. This is a great post. Thanks so much for sharing, like always….

  4. Hey – I always like getting your emails and listening to your podcast

    However, in this case, you really need to prep your audience for the content. He deals in adult entertainment (aka porn) and swears. It says that it is “clean” on iTunes when it should be marked explicit. Giving a heads up to your listeners will allow them to decide whether they want download the podcast.

    1. Good advice, I’ll make sure that I keep that mind for future people I interview and podcast episodes I publish.

  5. Another success for you Chris..thanks for always sharing your knowledge.

  6. but now peoples are trying to get the alternate instead of buying from any one else, but if the site has a lot of traffic then a lot of people are ready to buy it with high amount of rate.

  7. Great interview with Rick Schwartz. He is definitely a legend in the domain industry. There is no better person to learn from. And, yes, whether you are reading his blog or listening to him speak, be prepared for some R-rated content.

    1. Yah that was my mistake I suppose (to not adequately warn listeners ahead of time). I’m not into adult websites or adult content and I’m not advocating that other people should as well but I suppose I just thought it’d be cool to have someone on who was saying for years and years (even through the meltdown at the turn of the millennium in the tech sector) that domains were a great investment.

  8. Absolutely interesting and worth’s reading! Very effective method! I agree with the fact making money has became a very huge domain and being successful with it will require many steps and secrets, as this is “real proven techniques”! Thank you for the points mentioned

  9. Great podcast Chris. I’ve been following Rick for years and he has a knack for telling it like it is. His blog is a wealth of information if you ever have the time to go back and read through the archives.

  10. I didn’t really know who Rick Schwartz was after reading your article. Search him up on Google and read an article about him and I have to say that he is a pretty smart man. Always learn something new, thanks for sharing :).

  11. Great interview. I admit that I never watched Rick Schwartz closely but have heard a lot about him. I’m glad I came across some great details through this post.

  12. This was a great podcast. I had never heard of Rick before today. He has me motivated to expand into buying some domain names as investments.

  13. Speculators buy up domain names in hopes of reselling them for large profits. Many then “park” them (with no real website, content, or measurable traffic) while they wait for the best offer. Consequently, most of the short generic domain names are now too grossly overpriced for anyone who would actually like to use of them. Even worse are registrars who “help” you to search for domain names, and then buy up all the popular ones to resell as “premium domains” based on those searches.

    So here’s a hot tip.. Next time you’re checking on the availability of potentially good domain names, do it by typing them directly into your browser, a search engine, or the “whois” instead. Then you can go to the registrar and buy them right off. Otherwise, you might soon be disappointed to learn that the very domains that you’ve just shown interest in have just “coincidentally” been taken, or have suddenly become higher-priced “premium” domains!

  14. I have to say that I was laughing as I listened. Chris, I listened close for your reaction after each new porn reference or curse word. That was high on the “unintentional comedy” scale.

    It just made it more fun to listen to this one. Good topic and one that many people wouldn’t get into because of moral/ethical objections. Very interesting to learn how one simple domain name can gain so much popularity and value, like water front property.

  15. AHH ha ha! Rick Swartz was a riot listening to. Most i laughed listening to a make money online podcast ever.
    “DONT BUY 1000 Domains, or You Might End Up With 8,000 BUCKS Worth of PIGEON SHIT” lol

    1. lol yah he’s a strong character that’s for sure.

  16. Hu Chris, What a hell of an interview. He’s such a character and as sharp as a tack. I loved listening to his historical recount and what it was like to be a trailblazer, a bad assed trailblazer st that, and loving it.

    I dunno whether I agree with his predictions though. I think things are really gonna change fast next year because the number of graduates hitting the market in a rising US Economy will provide the force of change. Business needs to update and restock talent. And they will be doing that in overdrive next year. Giant Law and Accounting Firms will get who they want but the Mid levels or second tier firms are way behind in their adoption of digital strategies and they simply win’t attract premium talent they need to survive [ I mean who is gonna pay or buy into a firm with a firm reputation but with a grade 5 website and partners who are at best …very uncomfortable online and at their worst….couldn’t give a toss and don’t want to spend money on it] These currently prevalent attitudes are clearly unsustainable.

    Paul Rasmussen


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