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Podcast 8: How Michael Houtzager Sells Millions Of This Mystery Product

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The eight podcast episode is now live on iTunes. In this podcast episode I speak with Michael Houtzager who has one of the most interesting online businesses selling millions of this mystery product. It’s such a cool and unusual business that you’ll just have to click the play button yourself to hear about how he sells this product all over the US.

Michael talks about how his emphasis on offline relationship building helped him to build a business selling millions of this mystery product to repeat buyers time and again. He teaches several very valuable lessons that apply to any online business and not just the ecommerce space that he operates in.

You’ll love listening to this podcast where Michael discusses how he’s built a great business in this unlikely niche.

Items Discussed In This Episode:


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13 comments… add one

  1. Another excellent show Chris, I really look forward to your guests’ stories each week. Thanks Michael for sharing and congrats on your success =)

    1. Thanks Jerry, I always try to get people on who make money in interesting ways to help expand the horizons of my listeners. There is a whole lot of money to be made online and a lot more outside this niche where people share their income results etc. (admittedly I’ve done that before but as you’ve seen from my income reports the money almost always comes from actually doing stuff online)

  2. Great podcast! Some great tips and ideas in there. Things that I just don’t understand why I haven’t tried them. Must step up my game!

  3. Interesting interview Chris. I imagine the internet has been a boon to all the worm-farmers and mealworm raisers too, lol.

    I remember about 7 years ago Paul Harvey on his radio show talked about a guy who made millions just selling bags or boxes of dirt from Ireland to people who wanted a “bit of the old sod” for themselves. I did a little checking but there was a high cost of entry for this business: you need to follow a maze of regulations and get permits, etc. to import foreign soil.

    1. Hey Craig,

      That’s very cool – about the sod. It’s funny because so many people are caught up in the hype of various other industries but there are plenty of “boring” businesses that can generate millions.


  4. Chris, this is probably your best podcast yet I think.

    Mike has a very unique outlook. I’d be really interested in how people can apply his model to non physical items and I think that key of finding customers that, once happy, will keep coming back.

    Thanks for the interview, very insightful!

    1. Hey Josh,

      Thanks for the feedback and I’m glad you enjoyed it. Michael has a great business going for him and I agree – he has a great perspective for online businesses :)

  5. Excellent “catch” there, Chris. So many other MMOTI articles are all such bland, “Do this to trick Google and make a million” sleep-inducers.

    Couple of take away from this podcast that may not be all that apparent to the MMOTI crowd, but stuck right out to me because I spent so many years in the “dirt-based” sales world.

    1. The original job that Michael had, selling trade show exhibit booths and materials is a high volume, “evergreen” industry that has still barley made it online. Big opportunity in itself. So when you are “stuck” in a job you don’t like, maybe your big opportunity is to ‘remodel’ your current job, not look somewhere a long way away from what you already know.

    2. Notice how Micheal’s opportunity actually came to light. The rest of the office staff weren’t interesting in the highly “un-glamorous” cricket farmer because they knew he wasn’t “sexy”, wouldn’t make them much money and his business wasn’t anything talked abut in Silicon Valley or on a mass media TV show or the basement critters on the Warrior Forum. But Michael went out of his way to help some guy who wasn’t “cool” and didn’t represent an apparent big commission. How do you out there treat the “Little People”?

    1. Hey Dave,

      Loved your point #1 and agree. Frankly, most of my time spent not writing this blog or answering comments etc. is out there making money in the unsexy / not interesting niches because people aren’t talking about them (and I’m certainly not going to either lol)


  6. Chris – I first heard of you through Pat Flynn’s podcast and I’ve been listening ever since. I think this is the best episode so far. I love hearing from everyday “real” people who are making money online. There must be a million different ways to make money online and I would love to hear about them all.

    I kind of got a Mixergy type vibe from this podcast, which is a good thing. It is one of my top 5 favorites (along with yours) and I love how you went into a lot of detail about Michael’s business. That’s what I really enjoy – hearing about the nuts and bolts of how these guys make it all work.

    Congrats on the great podcast and please keep up the great work you are doing.

    -Mike Debyah

    1. Thanks Mike glad you enjoyed it :)

  7. Can you tell me if this is the same Michael Houtzager who is peddling the phony videos and tapes on the Philadelphia Project and stories of aliens etc.? If so, setting him up as a business example would be an embarrassment. The man is a scam artist, nothing more.

  8. Chris, already echoed by the other commenters but worth repeating…this was probably your best podcast so far. What an interesting and unique business topic. The most interesting to me was taking a business that seems so far away from the internet and using basic internet business principles and turning it into an e-commerce success.

    That was just excellent to hear and learn about. Really gets the entrepreneur creative ideas flowing when you hear this one. Thanks for sharing with us.


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