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Podcast 5: How Brian Jones Took His Internet Business From His Condo To A 10,000 Sq Ft Warehouse

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The fifth podcast episode is now live on iTunes. In this podcast episode I chat with Brian Jones who I first interviewed earlier this year about his interesting internet business. He runs several niche movie memorabilia websites (i.e. Red Rider Leg Lamps and A Christmas Story House) surrounding the popular Christmas movies “A Christmas Story” and “Christmas Vacation.

On this podcast Brian talks about how he first got started making money online by building and selling the infamous Leg Lamp from the “A Christmas Story” movie out of his condo.

We also cover how he took a big risk and bought the actual Christmas Story house from the movie on eBay (pictured right) and ultimately grew his business to a point that he needed a huge 10,000 square foot warehouse just to house the movie merchandise. This is a truly awesome story of a passionate internet entrepreneur who was able to build a successful business from scratch.

I am a huge fan of both of these Christmas movies and it’s been a family tradition that we watch them every year so this conversation in particular was very exciting for me to participate in. I hope you enjoy it.

If you’d like to sell any of Brian’s products this holiday season as an affiliate you can sign up for the affiliate program here and here is the direct affiliate sign up link on Share A Sale.

Items Discussed In This Episode:

Christmas Vacation Movie
A Christmas Story House

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9 comments… add one

  1. Chris, great interview. I knew it would be a good one.

    Keep up the great work on the podcast. I love the variety of guests you have had so far! Looking forward to the next one.


    1. Hey Paul,

      Thanks I’m glad you enjoyed it. Yah, I try to mix it up and talk to people making money in a variety of different ways for sure.


  2. Chris,
    Thanks for this interview; I thought it was really encouraging. Leg lamps! I love it. So great to hear from people who run online businesses that aren’t just telling other people how to make money online.
    Also, another example of how it’s great to be on the “other side” of affiliate marketing and have affiliates sell your products.

    (BTW, I thought the sound quality was just fine.)


    1. Hey Matthew,

      Yah, most of the people I know online make money actually doing stuff. Obviously I make some money telling people how to make money online but it’s not my core business (otherwise I’d probably be more consistent in my blog posts lol). In any case, I have more podcasts already recorded with other people that make money running various other types of online businesses too.

      So many ways to make money online :)

  3. Awesome, I’ll be listing to this tomorrow morning on my way to Affiliate Summit.

    I built a site specifically for Brian’s program, Buy Leg Lamps, and covered the entire process on my blog: An Affiliate Website Anyone Can Build

    I’m also going to Cleveland next week, and will be making a stop at the Christmas Story house. That’ll give me some nice unique content to add to the site!

    1. Hah hah, yah I commented on your blog post and Brian told me he saw the comment and was wondering when I’d post the podcast. I did this one a little while back before I got better equipment etc. it’s a very cool story about how he got started. :D

  4. Hey Chris,
    Awesome interview i must say,i really admire and appreciate Mr.Brian for his firm and well fabricated success.It was really a great experience hearing any person who has achieved his goal in such a profound way.Thank you for sharing such a great and valuable content with us.And yeah my rating for this podcast is ****/*****(4 stars out of 5).

    Good Luck and God Bless!!

    With Regards!
    Samuel Joshua.

  5. Hello Chris, another great podcast!

    But wait, leg lamps? Really? People buy such things? This really shows how you can make money from virtually anything if you have the passion and the right idea. I recently started a blog based on a movie, there are a lot of fans out there looking for related content, products and things like that. Hope it turns out good…

  6. Chris, I loved hearing this story. Like you, I’m a huge fan of the movies Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation and watch them every year.

    I’m so glad to hear about a Navy veteran doing well in his own business. Brian really had to get through some difficult barriers with licensing rights, but seemed to pull it off really well. I think that’s the underrated part of the story.

    Thanks for sharing the story. On to the next podcast for me…keep it up.


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