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New Software Launch Dec 5th – Doing Something Really Unique

My New Product Launching Dec 5th at 8:00 AM PST:

As an Amazon affiliate I’ve sold thousands of products and for years have tracked my results from links clicked and where people buy. I discovered that the links people clicked the most that resulted in the most sales were from in content simple text based affiliate links followed by image based affiliate links.

So that’s precisely the focus of my new software Simple Azon.

Simple Azon allows you to create Amazon affiliate links from within your WordPress dashboard in the form of text and image based affiliate links for use inside the content area of your blog. Additionally if you rely on VA’s or other content writers this is a huge help because you can tell them to just use the search box that’s created below the post area when they’re creating affiliate links in the content of your blog.

The problems this software solves alone are easily worth more than the $10 use it on all of your websites price we’re offering it for. But I wanted to do something really unique this time around…

Bonus: Complete Resell + Rebrand Rights Included For Free

Inside the members area there is a complete rebranding tool so that you can simply go in and change the name of the plugin, the site URL, author URL and description and then download your completely rebranded plugin. You can then take that plugin and resell it for whatever you want and keep 100% of the commissions. To make it easier for you to sell we’re including a marketing tool kit complete with source files for banner ads, a sales page and promotional articles about the software that you can easily edit.

Watch Video Demo Of SimpleAzon + Rebrander Here
(Product is now live)

Why Am I Selling For Less Than $10?

Late last year I started to dip my toes into creating and selling software based on pain points I wanted to solve in my own business. Since then it’s been a profitable new pillar of my business in 2012 and I wanted to give everyone else an inexpensive way to try out this software business model as well.

In addition to Simple Azon we have a couple optional upgrades that are made available after you purchase Simple Azon as well that are incredibly valuable as well.

I hope you can see the value in this software both in it’s utility for use on your websites as well as the ability to completely rebrand the software and resell it for whatever price you’d like.

Watch Video Demo Of SimpleAzon + Rebrander Here
(Product is now live)

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9 comments… add one

  1. Hi, Chris,
    Will this plugin give option to choose amazon tracking ID? What’s the difference between this plugin with EasyAzon?

    1. This is a single tracking ID use.

      This is a more streamlined Amazon Wordpress plugin with an emphasis on just a few functions. Then additionally because I know there are EasyAzon customers out there I also wanted to do something to give people a chance that want to get started making money via software as well so we included the bonus PLR rights which is like a whole new product by itself.

  2. I have been following you for a while now and the success you have managed to achieve with all your ventures has been inspirational. It just goes to show that will hard work, determination, creativity and of course the know how, anything is possible. You are one person that I would say got me onto using Amazon Associates as one of my ways of making money. It is a form of making money I believe in and if there is a process of making the whole process of putting up affiliate links on a site that much easier then I am all for it!

    So, why do I deserve a free copy? I have 100% faith in you, your abilities, the products you have put together. And to top it off, giving away such a product and even selling it at such a price AND including resell and rebrand rights gets me fired up about the prospect of being able to earn a few dollars from it as well.

    One thing that I would also like to add is that yes, you will be making a bit of money from SimpleAzon but you giving other people the opportunity to do the same is noble. The way I see some things in life is that we can all give each other an opportunity to realise some successes.

    Best of luck to you Chris.

  3. How does this differ from EasyAzon?

    1. See my other response to same question (just answered so it wasn’t there when you asked though)

  4. Chris,
    I can’t find any video of Simple Azon on your sales page. It only has 4 videos of your bonuses.

  5. Chris,

    I bought your Simple Azon and I’m having a hard time figuring out how to get any support, particularly for the bonus components. I’m trying to use FBLocalHub but there are no instructions on how to load the page into facebook. The page it creates is a facebook app not clear how to actually get the app into facebook. Can you provide some help here. Thanks.

    1. Hey Rick hit up support email. I’m pretty sure you’ve already been helped but posting in blog comments is something I don’t check often whereas the support desk is staffed more:

      support [at] simpleazon.com

  6. Congratulation for having released your new software. I see there are a lot of advantages I can get if I own this plug in. I plan I will purchase this plug in soon. Thank you for letting us know the launching of your great product. This is very useful and helpful.


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