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My Goals for 2010

Now that I’ve settled into my new home and have had time to think about going into 2010 as a full time internet entrepreneur I thought it would be best to write some specific and measurable goals for the new year. I’ve split these up into professional and personal:


1. Earn over $150,000 across my network of websites
2. Spend at least $50,000 on quality domain names to be developed
3. Work at least 5 hours a day for a minimum of 25 hours per week
4. Hire at least one full time writer

My first goal of earning $150,000 in 2010 will be tough, but I make $410.97 every day of the year I’ll earn more than $150,000. Because I watch my earnings every day I can make sure I keep tabs on where I’m falling short. I also want to spend at least $50,000 on quality domain names. I believe in buying quality domain names and then developing truly great websites for them. I’ve also found that since Oct 13th when I got fired from my job last year I found it difficult to work more than 4 hours a day at a time, especially since I was making more money than my day job where I spent 8+ hours a day working. I know that if I devote at least 5 hours a day or more to work that should help me to achieve my primary goal of earning $150,000 in 2010. I also know that I will need to create a ton of content for the websites I’m creating so I need to hire on a full time writer to help with content creation. I haven’t decided if I want to hire on a native English speaker or if I should just opt for the cheaper $500 a month overseas writer instead… I’ll cover this in more detail when I get there though.

Personal goals are continued after the break…


1. Buy a house
2. Donate at least $10,000 to charity
3. Cook an entirely brand new healthy meal once per month
4. Work out at least 2 times per week
5. Re-Learn Spanish well enough to carry on a conversation with a native speaker
6. Go to Disneyworld with my wife

My wife and I would really like to stop renting and move into a place we can own. I also happen to believe that housing prices have near bottomed in the area we’re looking – Washington. I know there may be some difficulty in getting approval for a loan since I am self employed but I’m sure I’ll figure something out. If I can reach my primary goal of earning $150,000 in 2010 then I don’t see why I can’t donate at least $10,000 to charity. I believe that living in America with the opportunities we have available requires us to give back to those less fortunate than ourselves (specifically people in other nations). I also want to try and expand my food horizons by cooking a new unique meal once per month. In the past I’ve cooked before, but it’s always been the same 3 or 4 meals so that’s why I wanted to lump this goal in there. Along the same lines of healthy food I also would like to get into better shape. I’m not overweight or anything, but my lifestyle is so inactive that I am terrible shape. I already got a gym membership about a month ago but have still not gone yet (so I need to work on this one ASAP). I also would like to re learn the Spanish language in 2010. I spent 2 years in high school learning Spanish but I have since forgotten most of it. My brother speaks near fluent Spanish so I hope to carry on conversations with him for practice. I’d also really like to go to Disneyworld with my wife this year too. She finishes graduate school in the summer and has a month long break before going to do her six months of unpaid internship work so I would like to fit it in there. We have yet to go on a vacation with just each other in the 3 plus years we’ve been married so we’re long overdue. Lastly, I need to spend more time reading my Bible. I’m a Christian, but often times I don’t act like it and I believe that reading my Bible daily would be a great start in the right direction.

Wrap Up:

I’ve done my best to make them as specific and measurable as possible so that when 2011 rolls around I can easily go through and evaluate them. I also believe all of the goals I’ve written are feasible and when I look back on the year I can be quite satisfied when I was accomplish them. If you haven’t written goals for the year I would suggest you do (even if you don’t post them publicly). Just keep in mind the importance of writing goals that can be specifically measured otherwise it will be difficult to determine how well you did in the year.

What do you think of my goals?

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14 comments… add one

  1. Wow! Fantastic goals, both professional and personal. Good luck and I look forward to tracking your results in the coming year.
    .-= Tom | Build That List´s last blog ..RSS Subscribers VS Email List | Which Is Better? =-.

  2. Thanks Tom. I believe I’ve also improved in my focus on important goals. Look at my old post from 2008 goals to see what I mean (the goals in that post are so off base and not worth going for specifically).

    Thanks again

  3. Nice goals man, haven’t gotten around to setting mine yet, hopefully work on it this weekend. Overseas writers aren’t worth it because you’ll usually end up editing all the stuff they write, but they are good at rehashing posts or collecting top lists;)

  4. that’s the hardest part about living in front of a computer, staying in shape. I feel your pain on that goal, lol

  5. Just run into your blog here. I too have the same problem as you do, with working for more than 4 hours straight when at home. There are always things messing with my focus and I seem not to be able to put too much work when at home.

    Sometimes i just feel i can work better when in the park, in a quiet corner. Or sometimes i just feel like renting something and transform it into an office. However that wouldn’t be wise financially speaking..

  6. Chris, I’m probably in the minority here and I’m sure you will test but I wouldn’t outsource the writing. Your style is fantastic. You come across as open and honest. Someone I’d like to buy from as a consumer and someone I’d believe in as a marketer. I’m sure that style is consistent throughout your blogs and can’t be outsourced. :)

    1. Thanks for the kind words Erin. I wouldn’t outsource the writing for this blog ever – just the other websites that I create.

  7. I love how you set REALIST goals for yourself. While I was reading this post, I can see the passion you have for not only creating VALUABLE content but also creating and developing quality websites.

    I love me some Jesus as well :) I pray that He continues to bless you as . I will definitely bookmark this. God bless you.

    – Naquan

  8. How are the goals coming along? Maybe an update here? Hope we see you in Disney World…we will be there at the end of August27-September 5. We belong to the Disney Vacation Club…how great is that?

    I love Disney World so much that I even have a blog about it.

    – Dianne

    1. Hey Dianne, Good idea! Now that we’re coming up on the half way point of the year I suppose I should get something ready for July that covers at least the business goals :)

  9. I know its motivating to write down your personal goals in a public arena. I think they are great goals, and it sounds like your measuring and holding yourself responsible for each one. How did you reach the $50,000 in domain names goal? I’m sure you may have to pay a premium for good names, but where do you do your buying/selling? Is it 5000 $10 domains or are you guessing that the ones you want may be $100, $1000 or more?



    1. 5 – 10 domain names in between 5,000 – 10,000 is more of what I’m looking to do. Buying and selling wise I just research a market, determine if I can do better than the top players in it, then go try and buy the best domain for it. It’s not as easy as I just suggested, but I believe it’s worth paying for a good name.

  10. Great goal. When are you going to post your monthly income report again?

    That is an inspiration to many.

  11. Thanks for your information.

    I will plan to increase income for this year because I wanna by car.

    Thanks again Chris.


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