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My Goals for 2008

It’s that time of the year and everyone’s making their New Year’s Resolutions and setting goals for the next year. I never made a concerted effort to make goals in the past, so my New Year’s Resolution is to focus on hitting the goals I set out in this post ;). In fact, I didn’t make any goals in 2007 for this blog or the other websites in my company. I came to the realization a month ago that I must set goals and check up on them otherwise I’ll just go along without a plan or a focus on where I need to be. So I’m starting this year off with my specific and measurable goals for 2008 as a part time web publisher and blogger that I will revist on a quarterly basis:

Blog Specific Goals:

a. Get the custom blog design paid for and implemented Achieved March 18th
b. Make $1000 a month from my blog (All income from my blog will be disclosed)
c. Break the four digit RSS mark by getting to 1,000+ RSS subscribers
d. Hit the front page of Digg at least once
e Break the top 10,000 Technorati mark
f. Improve and maintain my posting frequency and by the last quarter of 2008 I want to look back at Q4 and see at least 92 posts.
g. Do a quick blogging tip every Sunday for the entire year of 2008.

For the other websites and forums I run:

a. Increase my online income to $2,000 a month (Blogging goal not included.)
b. Have at least one forum hit the 1,000,000+ page views a month mark
c. Be mentioned on a major video game related website (i.e. GameSpot.com)
d. Only launch two more forums (So that I will focus my time on growing the sites I have)

I know I took a while to post my goals for 2008, but I really wanted to spend some time thinking about what I can reasonably do while at the same time providing a significant challenge. I know that I can reach the goals I’ve set out for 2008 and am really excited to mark off goals and provide quarterly updates with recaps on all the goals.

If you haven’t set any goals for 2008 I urge you to try it. Make sure you write specific and measurable goals so that it’s easy to keep track of how you’re doing.

What do you think of my goals?

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  1. Since this was my first year blogging, I was curious to see how goal-setting would go. I did go on a 30 day run in December to really drive traffic, and I generated more page views in one month than in my previous 5 months of blogging. So I think I ended up setting achievable goals, based on what I accomplished last month. Best of luck to you in acheiving yours! Be well, Chris… talk to you soon.

  2. I should write my goals down since I made them and told you and you made this.

  3. It is difficult to comment because i don’t know your past performance. But i will be glad if i can contribute to your success in 2008. I also published a post related to my 2008 goals. Wish you all the best!


  4. Lets just say I have a fair challenge ahead of myself :) but as long as I don’t slack off on any aspect of my web business I should be able to reach my goals. And if you’re interested in doing your part, feel free to subscribe to my RSS feed that will help!

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