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How I make more money from affiliate links (and you can too)

For the last three months I’ve been secretly using a new plugin called Better Links Pro which we’ve developed to better manage the affiliate links you share on your WordPress powered websites.


This Friday, May 30th we’re finally releasing Better Links Pro at a special one time discount launch price (and free developer rights for folks that buy early).

You can sign up here to get early bird pricing

I’m getting a little ahead of myself though so I’d like to first show you why this plugin is so valuable using a real life example from my on going $1k+ per month blog case studySurvey Chris.

How I monetize the Survey Chris website

Survey-Chris-New-LogoSurvey Chris is a new blog that I created earlier this month and am building into a $1,000+ per month blog. The blog will be monetized primarily through referrals to various survey companies that I review to determine which companies are the best (will share more of my monetization strategy in an upcoming post).

In case you missed my previous post, I already shared my income results from taking some online surveys (spoiler alert: Yes you can make some money. No it’s not quit your day job and retire on an island money).

How I’m using Better Links Pro on Survey Chris to save time and make more money

1. Automatic Geographic Link Redirects:

I make money when I refer people to various survey companies and almost all of these survey companies have affiliate programs that I can participate in for other countries as well, but I’m responsible for sending traffic to the right destinations.

Here’s where Better Links Pro steps in:

Better Links Pro detects where the visitor is located in the world and sends them to different URL's on a per country basis.

Better Links Pro detects where the visitor is located in the world and sends them to different URL’s on a per country basis.

For example I’m promoting a survey company called Opinion Outpost. They have three different countries that they operate in which include the United States, United Kingdom and Canada.

So I created affiliate links to all three destinations using Better Links Pro (settings pictured above) and then when people from the UK and Canada click the link they’re automatically sent to the right place.

Income Results In ~10 Days – Very Minimal Clicks (Under 100 total):

I earned roughly 20% more because of geographic link redirects built into Better Links Pro

I earned roughly 20% more because of geographic link redirects built into Better Links Pro

Update: I was told I can’t share specific payout rates. In later blog posts for income results I’ll share what I’m making overall but I just can’t share the actual rate for each sign up.

Yes this is a relatively small sample size of clicks because Survey Chris is less than two weeks old but the fact remains – I’m making extra money that I wouldn’t otherwise earn thanks to Better Links Pro.

Over a longer period of time this will likely add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars in extra commissions.

There’s a whole lot more stuff Better Links Pro can do to save you time and help you earn more money from your links so I’ll just scoot through a few of the main things.

You can watch a more detailed video here and sign up to be notified when Better Links Pro special launch pricing becomes available.

2. Split Testing Links – Determine which affiliate offer converts better by split testing

split test links in better links prov2

You can also split test affiliate links to determine which offer converts best. I’m doing this right now on Survey Chris to determine which affiliate company will convert better (they’re using different landing pages). I need more data, but this decision can potentially help me earn a lot more money in the long term as well.

3. Advanced Stat Tracking – Track overall link CTR on a per post basis

better links advanced tracking

Better Links Pro also integrates with Google Analytics to help determine the click through rate of your links on a per post and per page basis as well.

This helps you identify posts or pages with low CTR which you can improve by adding more affiliate links in your content or changing your call to action to get more people to click.

4. Automatic Keyword Replacement – Create links automatically

automatic keyword replacement

Every time the word “Opinion Outpost” comes up in one of my blog posts on Survey Chris I can set Better Links Pro to automatically serve up an affiliate link. I can do this for any affiliate link and for as many keywords as I want. This saves a lot of time for creating affiliate links in content while you’re blogging.

5. Create and insert links using the post editor – saves time

better links pro in post editor

Saves you time to create and insert links from within the WordPress post editor as opposed to going to the links screen, copying those links and then putting them into a blog post. You can do both of course but we give you the option to save you the time.

6. Extra stuff Better Links Pro can do

We also track overall click data, allow you to import your links from Pretty Links if you’re using that plugin currently, set your link redirect type (e.g. 301, 307), whether or not the link should be no follow, open in a new window and more.

I fully expect the extra earnings from Better Links Pro use on Survey Chris alone to be in the thousands of extra dollars in the long term as I scale that site and start reviewing more companies.

Overall – Better Links Pro helps you earn more from your affiliate links and save you time

Get on the list to buy Better Links Pro at special one time only launch pricing

Questions? Ask away

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27 comments… add one

  1. Got it. You should post more often.

    1. On it :D

  2. How much traffic do you need to build in order to monetize at $1K per month?

    1. Varies by niche wildly. I had one site making $5k to $10k per month with less than 100k page views per month and another with 500k page views do only $500 per month.

  3. Ref the payouts screenshot, how did you get 49 clicks from 0 impressions? Am I missing something?

    PS. Am enjoying your course so far! Thanks

    1. Hey Dave, the affiliate network has tracking pixels that can be used as well but those aren’t needed to track conversions. I wasn’t using them. (Amazon.com affiliate is same way)

      1. Is this good for CPA offers?

        1. Any thing that you want to turn into a better link and be able to take advantage of the features we created – yes this will help.

  4. Hey Chris

    Hows about putting the date on your blog posts so we know if it’s fresh content or not? You don’t have it for a reason?

    I always feel on your site I don’t know if this is out of date content or not and as you know what was highly relevant 3 years ago might be wrong today. i.e. “putting your keyword in anchor text is a great idea”

    Of course I know from the comments that this is fresh, and looks like another cool tool.

    Just throwing my 2 cents at you )

    1. Hah to be honest I don’t remember when dates were removed. I think my designer did that and I don’t remember why he did it. I’d have to look at the settings to figure out.


  5. Looks like a pretty handy little plugin you’ve got there! I wish a few of the affiliate programs I promote would allow me to refer customers to different landing pages based on country. Maybe a plugin like this will be the motivation I need to “push” my affiliate managers a little further :-)

    1. Hey Richard, even if you don’t have an existing affiliate company that can do different landing pages for other countries that’s only one of many things it can do. You can still split test offers as well.

      Most affiliate programs have multiple landing pages for products and basically it’s a guessing game of which will work best for your audience unless you test. CJ.com for example most advertisers there have multiple spots.

  6. Chris,

    I thought you might enjoy this. You have talked about how you want to own that Guthrie castle in scotland. Well the current owner Dan Pena just did a really, REALLY amazing podcast interview with the London Real guys. The way he talks about life and money and taking full responsibility for one’s actions reveals why he has done so well. It is available here http://www.londonreal.tv/episodes/dan-pena-your-first-100-million

    1. Yah the more I find out about this guy (I’ve watched a few interviews now) the more I think it’s very unlikely he’d sell. Perhaps his heirs might be interested in selling but quite frankly I’m going to need to seriously step up my game if I could ever buy it lol.

  7. Hi Chris, been a purchaser of your software, happy with them.

    ​Why did you decide to go with only “1 year support and updates”?

    I was about to jump ship from my current affiliate links plugin (which offers lifetime updates) but I noticed the 1 year of updates only so I held off.​

    1. Hey Michael,

      The main reason why I said 1 year of support and updates is because any serious software business can’t sustainably offer lifetime support and updates.

      Can you imagine paying for Windows back in 1995 and Bill Gates was offering lifetime updates on Widnows? Of course not.

      The lifetime updates thing was something we should have never offered in the first place on any plugin we released. This was back when I didn’t fully understand just how much overhead there is in running a software business. Think about customer support emails (forever), new features (forever), software testing (forever), etc.

      The plugins we put out are specifically designed to help you save time and make more money. That’s the thinking behind everything we do from the features offered on down to how it works.

      So if you think of the value of your time then think of the value the software provides you. This plugin alone pays for itself with time savings let alone the features we built in that provide you business intelligence that can help you make more money by identifying opportunities to improve your CTR (or geographic redirection etc)

      Ultimately if the idea of paying (for example a 50% renewal of $13.50) is too much then you’re not valuing your time highly enough and/or the value of the software.

      I am 100% confident that our initial release along with what we’ll do in the future is worth far more than what we’re selling it for. We help you make more money and you help us continue to pay for employees to do all the things that allow us to continue to make (AND IMPROVE) great software.

  8. Chris, I tried some of the surveys you had listed and they do not accept people in their 70’s. One even asked me if I was sure that was my age as only 1% of people in their 70’s do surveys. Every one I tried, even spent almost 10 minutes on, gave them all my personal info and then they told me I didn’t ‘qualify’. I had gotten to the end!! They are simply data mining sites.

    1. Hmmm wasn’t aware of any age requirements, there will always be roughly 20% of surveys you try that you won’t qualify for because they are looking for a sample size of various requirements that the companies are looking for.

  9. I already own EasyAzon, so doesn’t that mean I wouldn’t need this one?

    1. This is different than EasyAzon. If your websites are Amazon specific only then I’d say stick with that. But if you plan to do affiliate marketing for anything else then this plugin can help you.

  10. Does it work with Viglinks? I have EasyAzon, does EasyAzon work with Viglinks?

    1. No. VigLinks is just a set and forget install a script and it’s done. No control over where your links are and where they go.

  11. Ok. By the way, what’s your general opinion on Viglinks?

    1. 3 or 4 years ago I had this idea for a company that “didn’t exist” well that idea was for something like VigLinks.com and SkimLinks.com when I found both of those companies I was like “Dang, well proves it was a good idea I guess” and then onto the next project hah.

      Ultimately these services are REALLY beneficial for forums where the content isn’t controlled by an admin. Simple as install and make money there.

      That said most of my properties are blogs now.

      1. Very interesting comment. I have heard that Viglinks has some sort of partnership with Google. I wonder what Google’s long-term plan there is.

  12. Affiliate is more booming this day but is like heck for newbies. Are you recommending this plugin?

    1. Yah we built this plugin – of course I recommend it :)

      Affiliate marketing can be done in a lot of different ways. Doesn’t just mean paid and doesn’t just mean free etc.


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