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GoDaddy Free Private Registration Loophole

If you use GoDaddy as your domain registrar (I’m sure a large chunk of you do) than this post is going to show you a loophole/workaround for getting free private domain name registration to not only your new domain name purchases but also your existing domain names:

The Loophole Breakdown:

Step 1: Log into your GoDaddy account.
Step 2: Figure out which of your existing domains you want to add privacy on.
Step 3: Renew these domain names for as many years as you’d like. Keep in mind you will need to renew them for at least one more year during a later step to add the privacy. Be sure to apply a promo code before you renew these domains so you can save some money on the first renewal order.
Promo Codes: I used goxtgi200c and it brought the price down to about $6.85 for each domain renewal; however, if this code doesn’t work simply use OYH3. I’ve been using that promo code for years and it gives a great discount as well. Or check out this forum thread on NamePros that is updated with new codes constantly.
Step 4: Now, choose 5 brand new domain names to purchase (I know .com and .net will work) and add them to your cart.
Step 5: Now that you have 5 brand new domain names in your cart, go back and select the first existing domains that you renewed and that you want privacy added to. Now place these in your cart as well.
Step 6: In your checkout screen there will be a box that allows you to add free domain privacy to not only the 5 brand new domains you first put in your cart but also the rest of your existing domains that you added back into the cart during Step 5. (In my case I added 8 of my existing domain names)
Important Note: You will now receive free privacy on these existing domain names for the entire length of time they have left before their renewal date is up again!!!
Step 7: Before placing your order, apply your GoDaddy promo code once more and save even more money! (i.e. goxtgi200c, OYH3 etc.)
Step 8: Calculate your domain savings and smile.
Step 9: Stumble Upon this post to thank me for the money I just saved you on private registration expenses!

My Savings:

In my example, I added private registration to 4 of the brand new domains I was purchasing and 8 of my existing domains. For these 12 domains using the above loophole I was able to receive free private registration on these domains for an average of 3.5 years! (In step 3 I renewed my existing domains for two years and then in step 5 for one more year) This translates to a savings of $377.58! (Private registration is usually $8.99 per domain, per year)

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to GoDaddy and get your free private registration before they close this little loophole down!

The reason why I added free private registration to my domain names is because I almost lost it all when someone gained access to my GoDaddy account. Now if you’re looking for even more ways to protect yourself from would be thieves I’ve compiled a list of 9 ways to protect your online assets.

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57 comments… add one

  1. Chris,

    That is brilliant! GoDaddy pisses me off so much with their shoddy business practices and I hate to buy from them but still do because of the TDNAM expired domain program.
    The only plus with that company is that their tech support people are fabulous and very very helpful.
    I have a couple of dozen or so domains there, some with but most without privacy, and I am going to do exactly what you suggest. I just hope they don’t shut it down before I can get organized.
    What really irks me about GD is that I have maybe a hundred more all with free privacy from other registrars.

    Thanks a million.

    Rich Hill

  2. Great tips. This will really help a lot in saving money to domainers. But I don’t feel registering domain in Godaddy because my PayPal’s CC expired. I am registering my domains in Name.com and they also offer free private whois.

  3. Hey Rich,

    Let me know if you have any issues. I did this very recently so it should still work just fine.

  4. Excellent tip Chris. Being one that registers solely through GD, this should prove very helpful :)

  5. Thanks for the tip! With many of Godaddy’s competitors offering free privacy, I’m hoping GD will start doing so as well. All my site’s have privacy iirc and I think it should be standard.

    And in return for you providing this great tip, I’ll point you to a gut-busting video about buying domain names.
    Warning: Don’t be drinking anything above your keyboard while watching it. :)
    (I didn’t make this vid, but stumbled upon it yesterday and found it hilarious).

    “Domain Name Dollar Store”

  6. Hey Chris,

    Great tip… considering 1 and 1 domain names charge $6.99 for a domain with free private registration, godaddy should think about doing the same. Besides, Bob Parsons is creepy… whats with the girls and stuff. Thats sooo hugh hefner, without the style!


  7. This doesn’t actually apply to renewals, it only works with new registrations.

  8. You… my friend, are a GENIUS!

    I had to hurry and take advantage of the loop hole before G-Diddy closed it.


  9. I have tried renewing at least 5 domain names for so as to get the free privacy registration, however it doesn’t seem to work for me. I still do not know why, and for some reasons all the domains are .com and it should not be an issue.

    There is another interesting issue, which I’d probably blog it on my site when I have time; I find that GoDaddy charged me different pricing for .com domains! Does some names have higher price tag on them?

  10. Thanks for the positive feedback everyone.

    @John Motson

    You’re right; however, have you had a chance to see my response to your thread on dnxpert.com?

    I believe that if you can cancel your existing private registration than you can still use the loophole.

    Let me know if you have a chance to test the theory. I have a few more domains I need to buy and a domain with privacy already so I can try and test it out.


    Did you explicitly follow the steps? It literally has to be done exactly as I stated it step by step in that order listed above. Try it again because it should still work just fine.

  11. Very useful tip that I had no idea about before you pointed it out.

    Nice! Thanks for sharing.

  12. @Chris: Yes, I did follow the steps as accordingly, and I should try it again. Unfortunately, when I did this, it was several weeks ago when my domain names have already been renewed. I suppose, I will have to wait till next year for my renewal again.

    Thanks for dropping me an email!


  13. Nice article, though if you really wanted domains with FREE Privacy Protect, you hsould rather go with, ResellerClub…….FREE Privacy Protect with all domain names…..:o

  14. good read, thanks for posting this!

  15. hi chris this keep working??

  16. Thanks for sharing guys, and that’s a pretty smart workaround with .info domains. Just upgraded my primary domains with additional extension and got ‘em private… cool!

  17. It doesn’t work anymore…I’d guess too many found out about it and now the loophole has been closed. :( I’ve done this trick in years past and it’s been great, so I’m doing it right. I just canceled privacy on a few domains I was renewing (since you have to do that to get the new, free privacy as part of the renewal — your post above is correct Chris) so I’m even more bummed. Oh well.

    Allie´s last blog post..Pair Killed For Internet Scam

  18. I can confirm this no longer works per the instructions above.

    I wish it did. Private registration for a year is the same cost as the domain???? Crazy GD Crazy…

  19. Private registration should be free, and ICANN should do more to protect domain registrants. I hate that running a personal website makes me vulnerable to any nutjob on the internet. I had a stalker harassing me because of this. Registrars shouldn’t capitalize on bad policy and people’s misfortune, they should offer it free as a service and petition ICANN to change their dangerous privacy policies. I had to cancel my domain because I’m tired of the risk of being stalked. Who is this supposed to protect anyways? Spammers just use fake information or other registrars. It’s the real people like me who get hurt and scared off from running a website.

  20. Is there any way now to renew our Godaddy domain with free renewal private registration? I desperately need them, since my domains almost expired now.

    Thanks in advance.

  21. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do short of paying GoDaddy’s price for privacy (unless you are willing to move your domains to a different registrar).

    Allie´s last blog post..High School Football Rematch With 30 Year Olds

  22. I just used this method this morning along with the code ZINE3

    I registered 5 new domains. I added a year to 2 existing domains (that didn’t have privacy). I got everything (all seven domains and free privacy on all 7) for $53 and change.

  23. Private registration are free to all who register five or more domains with Godaddy! No loophole.

    Private Registrations
    are only $8.99!** or FREE
    when you register five
    or more domains!

  24. Thanx, nice tip ! but why the 9$, it should be free !

  25. This article was created a year ago and I believe GD has fixed this. Currently GD has an offer to buy 5 domains or more with free one year private registration for only $8.99.

    They also have sale offer 3,99$/year private registration. I only spent 6$ to protect my two domain names. Check their homepage.

    However, later on I would transfer all my domains if they will expire soon to name.com, they have free private registration forever!


  26. I tested it just recently and it still works… so I’m not sure what issue the rest of you are having.

  27. It worked the first time only. The 2nd years when you want to do the same ‘trick’ on the same domains, it will not work.

  28. OR,
    Go with Netfirms.com …. 6.99 +Free Privacy…
    Godaddy is not worth the hassle friends!

  29. I like Netfirms. But I wish their $9.95 renewal was just a wee bit cheaper. But overall, it’s a nice clean website for handling all your own domain chores, as you have complete control, privacy is included free, plus free email, etc. They do have coupons for new registrations of all kinds, but I don’t see anything out there for domain renewals.

    I don’t trust GoDaddy. When I was a noob at this, they stole one of my main domains.

  30. Thanks for this great article Chris. Does anyone have any recent promo codes that work?

  31. Hi Chris,

    Interesting article you have here about getting free privacy on your domains. Since the article was written a while ago I was wondering if the trick is still working.

    Thanks for this great piece of info!

    1. 99% certain it still works. All my names have privacy on them now though so I haven’t had to look in a while.

      1. Hey, Chris, fantastic loophole.
        Let me know if you tried it again.

        In this moment I’m trying to upgrade for another year my domain, but it seems to be in automatic the pricaxy renew, i can’t edit it from my cart.

        Do I need to cancel it (privacy), and then renew for another year, and next step to do the loophole?

        Please, let us know.


        1. Hmmm, I’m not sure if you can cancel and redo. That’s why I suggest buying all the years you want at once ;)

  32. Hey Chris,

    Tried to buy another 6domains, and to get the free privacy, then i added the domain to renew, and…..

    NO, it is not working. I got 8.99 per year for privacy, even if I buy 1new domains.

  33. Neat trick. However, make sure you write down your domainsbyproxy (godaddy’s private registeration sub/sister company) account and password. You won’t be able to renew your domains without your domainsbyproxy account and pwd. If you loose it, they will make you jump though hoops before they send you your account and password. They force you to send you them your driver’s license.

  34. If this still works, I might actually do it.. Just not sure since Godaddy has changed a lot of things since then, but doesnt hurt to try as Ill have to renew my domains anyways soon..

    1. Ok heres the UPDATE:

      It still works guys, however, you will have to eat the costs of either the new domain prices that you register, or the renewal charges as godaddy only allows you to use one coupon, so either end up paying 10 dollars for each new domain, or pay 10 dollars to renew the domains…

      but thats like 2 x how many domains you buy, so your only loseing on avg around 20 bucks, but your getting proxy whois for x number of years for free..

  35. “(Private registration is usually $8.99 per domain, per year)”

    That’s why I don’t use Godaddy anymore, their prices are ridiculous…really. Why do they charge me 9$ for private whois and moniker only 2$? God knows!

    1. If you buy 5 names with GoDaddy at one time privacy is free. Likewise there are always coupons you can use to reduce the price from $9 down to like $3 and the domain from $10 down to like $7.50 so it’s not too bad.

      Moniker is nice though too I agree.

  36. great post mate :) i’ve two domains from godaddy, and i’ll try to use your tips. thanks for sharing.

  37. Great tips there, but I hate godaddy. I Have names with other registrars.

    Thank you all the same.

  38. Does this still work? Don’t have a godaddy account these days (fell out with them years ago!) but will give it a go if I can get some cheap private registrations

    1. Yah I’m pretty sure it still does

  39. wow thanks for that , dont really use them because the services is disgusting but if I can save money then why not.
    Thanks again

  40. it worked for long time but now its stopped working can you please update new codes

  41. Hey Chris,

    Thank you so much for the info. It really worked and I have just registered 5 brand new domain names and renewed 4 of mine domains with free private contact details.

    All the best!


  42. Thanks for the tip. Did this years ago and now again. I added 5 .info domains which are currently $1.99 and only did them for a year. Renewed my primary domain for 5 years and used a coupon to bring the grand total down to $50 even including the private registrations. I’ll disable the auto renewal on the 5 info domains I registered (only added them for the free private reg). I probably could have gotten a better deal if I waited around for the $1 .com reg deal to roll back around, but I managed to get my objective of domain renewal and free private registration for about $30 less than if I just ordered 5 year renewal with the $8.99/yr private reg.

  43. Amazing, came across this a few days ago, thought I would likely never have need of it, but bookmarked just in case.
    Lo and behold, yesterday a new project cropped up that will need privat registration on a few domains, and I saved a bundle following your steps :-)

    Dunno if they’ve changed the numbers but as it kept prompting me to buy 6 domains to get bulk prices that’s what I did.
    Six new .coms & .nets, plus renewed four existing domains adding privacy to all, for just over $100!

    BTW, I only renewed 1 domain in Step 1, but was allowed to choose 4 at Step 5 so I’m not sure if Step 1 is needed at all? Will experiment next time.

    Big thumbs up for the share :D

  44. This also gives Godaddy an excuse to refuse to transfer your domain to another host. In my case, the Godaddy password does not equal the privacy password and they will not allow me access to move my domain until I submit alot of paperwork. They know it is me, when I call in, as I am allowed to make any other changes (e.g. delete webpages, purchase and install other services). The ONLY part I am locked out of is MOVING my domain.

  45. Thank you for posting this “tip” I will make sure to forward this to our design team to correct this issue.

    -proud GD employee

    1. lol doubtful – a GoDaddy employee told me it.

  46. They double charge you the second year though (reg + privacy) and you can’t just turn it off. You have to jump through many hoops.

  47. Chris, l found your blog from smartpassiveincome, and l think that godaddy is not the best company as they have issues with their affiliates like me that l am unpaid for three months. Their support also sucks, nobody knows anything about nothing! They have the profile of the hit and run company…

    1. Then you should like this article because it shows how to spend less with them through a loop hole. I don’t use them for hosting though :)

  48. Hi, Chris, Thanks for this awesome post. Really very informative. I have owned 3 domains with GoDaddy and this article really helps me.

    1. Happy to help!


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