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Best WordPress Plugins


I’ve compiled a list of the best premium WordPress plugins based on my current use or past experience. All of the plugins on this list are well worth the premium price if you’re looking for their desired function and almost all of these plugins I use to help make more money on my WordPress blogs (see my income reports for more details). I spent a lot of time compiling this list, but even more time working with the companies behind these plugins to provide you coupon codes to save you money. Yes, this isn’t your typical list post as I sent numerous emails and even lobbed in a couple phone calls to get these coupon codes for you. Sadly a couple companies wouldn’t offer any discount pricing, but I believe in their product so I wanted to make sure they made the list regardless of whether the price was discounted or not. Please click through the coupon code links I’ve provided below so that your discount is automatically applied (If you have an issue try manually copy / pasting the code or contact me if you still have problems).

Best WordPress Plugins:

With the OIOpublisher plugin you can create ad zones and rotate various different types of advertisements for display on your blog. You can even sell ads on your blog direct to advertisers and cut out the middle man. I currently use this plugin on every single WordPress blog I own so that I can test which ad units perform best. When it comes to ad management plugins I believe this is the best one around.

Price is $47 $37: See more about OIOpublisher here

phpZon Pro:
This plugin allows you to easily insert products from Amazon.com into your blog and earn commissions on the sales. I use this plugin in conjunction with specific tactics to earn thousands of dollars per month with Amazon Associates. The best part about this plugin is that you can display star ratings, the normal price, the sale price and an image thumbnail of the product and make these all be clickable Amazon affiliate links. Then you can display a short description of the product as well so you don’t have to rewrite it yourself. (Want more details? See my phpZon pro review).

Price is $79 $63.20: See more info about phpZon pro here

phpBay Pro
PHPbay is another plugin also made by the same company that does PHPzon. The plugin allows you to easily insert products from eBay within your posts or via a sidebar ad display. It takes advantage of the eBay partner network and is an excellent supplemental income stream for the various blogs that I run. I use this on almost every single product oriented blog that I own because it’s an easy way to supplement an income stream. I’ve found that using more than one Adsense unit per page leads to lower earnings via Adsense so I like to use this plugin and get additional earnings from the eBay partner network.

Price is $79 $63.20: See more info about phpBay Pro here

Wishlist Member
Wishlist Member is a membership plugin for WordPress that allows you to control the content that is displayed on your blog to free readers or premium readers. I’m using this plugin on a site I’m developing right now and the feature set is huge (see the full list). You can control how fast the content is delivered which is great, because I’m putting together a 1 month training program and it allows me to schedule posts to become available slowly as members go through the program. This is the best membership software for WordPress I’ve ever used.

Price starts at $97: See more info about WishList Member here

WP Robot
WP Robot allows you to automatically post products from Amazon, Articles, items from eBay, Clickbank products, Yahoo Answers, Flickr and more to a WordPress blog. You can download the plugin and try out the Clickbank module for free. You can then either add the modules you want individually or pay for the full plugin to get them all. I’ve tried the Clickbank version out recently on a small niche site and I’m going to try expanding this out on the mini sites I’m building as part of my niche five figure network case study. I’ve tried a few of the other auto blogging plugins but I found this one worked out the best for me.

Price is $169 $139: See more info about WP Robot here

WP Auctions
WP Auctions is a WordPress plugin which enables you to auction anything on your Blog or WordPress powered website. An example is if you were an artist and running a blog to display your artwork you could put some of your pieces up on auction on your blog where people could bid on them. The possibilities are endless for creating your own auctions and around the web I’ve seen some pretty creative uses of this plugin. (Want more details? See my WP Auctions review)

Price is $39.99 $29.99: See more info about WP Auctions here

MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate
The MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate plugin allows you to turn your ugly looking affiliate links into something like this: http://entrepreneurboost.com/go/maxblogpress.php you an also set it up to automatically convert keywords to affiliate links for you. I’m using it on this blog now and love it especially so that I can keep track of the clicks on my links as well. (Want more details? See my MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate review)

Price is $97: See more about MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate here

Wrap Up

I will update this list as I find more WordPress plugins that help me in my business, but for now these are the ones I believe are the best. What do you think of the list? These are the ones I use on my WordPress blogs how about you?

Earnings Disclaimer: I do get a small commission if you purchase these WordPress plugins through the links above, but I did spend a lot of time acquiring coupon codes from these companies to save you money. If you think the work I put in to save you money was valuable please reward my efforts by purchasing the WordPress plugins through the links above. Thanks!

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  1. Thanks for the list. I just bought PHPBay pro as per your recommendation :D

    1. You’re very welcome. Let me know if you have any questions on how to use it to make the most money.

  2. I think I will try OIO Publisher as first step. I already heard about it for a long time and with so many compliments.
    .-= Dana @ Blogging Tips Blog´s last blog ..Current Hot Topic To Blog About: FIFA World Cup 2010 =-.

    1. Hey Dana,

      Yah OIO Publisher is great – that coupon code I included above only lasts until the end of May so just be sure to get it before the end of the month.

      I really do use it on every blog. It’s the easiest way to test and track which ad units perform best and in turn that helps me earn more money.

  3. I wondered what you were using at the bottom of your comment section to create the three lines of text.

    How does this plugin work with the Disqus Comment system?
    .-= ProMovieBlogger´s last blog ..Starting a Movie Website: WordPress Plugins =-.

    1. I haven’t used Disqus before. I would suggest you email the creator of the plugin before buying.

  4. I think I will try OIO Publisher as first step. I already heard about it for a long time and with so many compliments. .-= Dana @ Blogging Tips Blog´s last blog ..Current Hot Topic To Blog About: FIFA World Cup 2010 =-.

    1. Make sure you use the promo code I linked to above as it is currently on sale until the end of May.

  5. Don’t wanna hate but at least throw in a few free WP themes in the mix, seems kinda weak and disrespectful to readers to exclusively whore out WP plugs tied wth your affiliate links.

    don’t gotta post this but i just wanted to state my 2c


    1. Hey Chris,

      I think you misread the purpose of the post. I wrote the list based on the best premium (aka paid) wordpress plugins. I use almost all of these on the list and I contacted the companies to get savings that they don’t usually offer elsewhere. So yah I’ll use my affiliate links but as I have mentioned on this blog numerous times before I only recommend stuff that I use and that I believe can help others with their blogs.

  6. hi chris

    it’s wordpess it’s really powerful for build website i mean a friendly seo

    , chris could you give some recommend where i can learn wordpress from zero to hero thx

    please reply

  7. I have my eyes on the standout comment. Is this the plug-in that is owned by John Chow?

    1. Yes it is.

  8. Is guest posting really worth it?

    1. Only if you have something truly valueable to say. Otherwise you’re just building links.

  9. Good info Chris. I picked up on your blog in the Warrior forums. As someone who is just beginning in internet marketing it is rather daunting to sort through various plugins to find the best tools to work with. phpZON and reviewAZON seem to be the two top affiliate applications for IM.

    Have you done a comparison between the two? I recently bought reviewAZON and like the tabbed review/description/comment feature–but am discovering that it is very fickle in behaving properly in WP 3.0.x sites and with WP3 specific themes. Any thinking on this?


    1. I haven’t done a comparison yet. ReviewAzon is coming out with version 2 soon so at that time I’ll be sure to do one :)

  10. Thanks for the list. I use a couple of these plugins myself. There’s a couple I haven’t heard of before, but I will check out. I like Wp Robot, which also has an amazon module that seems to work similarly to phpzon.

  11. Wow, this is certainly a great list of premium plugins. I like WpRobot a lot from the above list. Others I have not used and will certainly try out

  12. Thanks for the premiunm plugins list. I thought I will just mention that Maxblog ads is a free plugin that will do the same job as OIO Publisher. Cheers.

    1. I like the feature set provided by OIO better than MaxBlog ads and for only $27 ish or so I think it’s more than worth it.

  13. Thanks for the great list, Chris.

    Very nice information for high quality plugins.

  14. This the list is only good if you sell products on your blog, what about a SEO plugin list, or better yet a basic list of WP plugins for noobs? People who are looking to make a buck with google adsense for example…

  15. I use WPRobot on one of my niche sites to automatically post Amazon products every few days and it is AMAZING! It keeps my blog updated and keeps the latest products that my visitors want to see in front of their face. The Amazon sales that I have made with this plugin alone have made it pay for itself very quickly!

  16. After looking through your list (fantastic list by the way), I just want to add one more to the list – EzAffiliateCash Ads Plugin for WordPress. I believe it used to be a paid plugin but the owner has made it free recently; it’s an all-in-one advertisement plugin that allows you to test different popular advertising methods on wordpress powered websites. I personally have tested it on my blogs (WP 3.x) and it works great. If you want to find out more about it you can visit adsplugin.com

    I don’t think you can find it on the official wordpress.org/extend/plugins list but it’s indeed a gem!

    Just my 2 cents!


  17. great plugins, but the list would have been even better if the plugins were free… lots of guys don’t afford to buy plugins and themes

    1. This list is specifically about the best premium wordpress plugins. I’ll eventually do another about the best free ones.

  18. The standout comments link has been taken over by someone else. It redirects to his page. Do you have a new link for it, or do you use it anymore?

    1. well, I just found from another site that he is the author, but I do not see where I can get the plugin anymore. If you have more information, please let me know. Thank you

    2. I don’t use it anymore and I just removed it from the list now that you mentioned it’s not there anymore – thanks for the heads up.

  19. I just want to say that MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate is quite pricey but it really works wonders. You better purchase this product, just think of it as an investment.


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