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How I went from $0 sales to $2,981.10 in 30 days selling my product on Amazon.com

my first 30 days selling on AmazonI’ve come full circle on my Amazon journey after finding success with their Associates Program, as a Kindle author and am now selling my first private label product on Amazon (more on what that means in a moment).

In my very first 30 days of selling I hit $2,981.10 in sales (and that includes the early days where I was only doing two sales one day, then zero sales etc).

Let’s get to the video proof first and then answer some of the questions you are likely have about this.

Video Proof: My First 30 Days Selling On Amazon.com

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Free Today Only: My new Kindle book…

I’ve learned a lot about the online survey niche after building and growing my Survey Chris case study website.

The basic premise is that I’m building the site up to make over $1,000+ per month and sharing monthly reports of my progress here on this blog (month 1 income report, month 2 and month 3). I know this method of earning money isn’t for everyone, but for the niche I’m targeting with Survey Chris this should be a very helpful resource.

I’ve put a lot of that knowledge into a new Kindle book – How To Make Your First $1,000 With Online Surveys. It’s free today. [click to continue…]

My $25 p/m unlimited everything phone

I’m a firm believer that to reduce financial stress people should try and do two things:

#1. Find a way to earn more money

#2. Keep your personal expenses low

Why are these two things important? Because if you can do them well you can afford to pay for the most important thing of all - your freedom.

Generally I spend most of my time writing about #1 but today I’m focusing on #2 with the review of a phone service I’ve been using for the past 8 months that costs less than half of what my grandfathered unlimited AT&T iPhone plan cost.

My $25 Per Month Unlimited Everything Smart Phone

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1KBlog Case Study – Month 3 Income Report

More to Share Here

More to Share Here

Survey Chris has now been live for a little less than 3 months now, and the results from this month are showing the blogs potential (it’s still early mind you). If you have missed the first two months, you can see month 1 and month 2.

I already touched on my 1KBlog case study when I first published – How to make money with survey companies, but for those that missed it I’m building a blog that generates at least $1,000 per month or more and I’ll be documenting the process here on my blog. Now let’s get into what I did this last month on Survey Chris, what the results where and what they mean.

SurveyChris.Com Month 3 Report

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Amazing Selling Machine Live Event Review 2014

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I recently returned from the Amazing Selling Machine live event. It was the first live conference I’d gone to in well over a year and I had a blast. Most importantly it helped me formulate some plans for the product I’ve already imported from China and am currently selling on Amazon – more on that below. First I want to cover the events that occurred that lead me to this conference and selling physical products on Amazon in the first place. Let’s dig in.

So why was I at the Amazing Selling Machine event in the first place and what is it? [click to continue…]