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March 2015 Amazon Income Report #8

I’ll spare the anticipation and just come right out and say it – March 2015 marked the best month of my physical product business yet. Continue on reading to see just how well this business performed.

Azon-Masters-500pxAlso – after 6 months of being closed we are finally reopening our Amazon coaching group on April 22nd. Have questions about selling on Amazon? We’re hosting a Q&A session on Thursday, April 16th at 6:30 PM pacific.

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March 2015 Report:

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What I learned from hosting our first live event

Azon-Masters-500pxEarlier this month we hosted a live private event in Las Vegas, NV for our Amazon ecommerce coaching group – AzonMasters.

At the last event in July 2014 we did a private dinner, but we felt we could provide more value to our members by doing an in person full day event so that’s what we did this time.

This was the first event we’d ever done so I know we made a few mistakes but ultimately I think the event was a success. Here’s what I learned.

How to host a live event

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January 2015 Amazon Income Report #6

I can’t believe it’s been a full half a year that I’ve been selling on Amazon because I feel like I’ve spent hardly any time on this business and yet it continues to do well. December was a holiday month so the only question is was I able to beat my last month sales?

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January 2015 Report:

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Podcast 24: Dissecting the Details in Buying and Selling Websites with Justin Gilchrist

Podcast-BackgroundWe have a new podcast contest with a chance to win lifetime access to AmaSuite ($297) and a 1 year subscription to BoostWP ($149).

Those prizes add up to almost $450 worth of my very best software.

You can join the contest here: EntrepreneurBoost Podcast Contest

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Podcast episode number 24 is now live on iTunes

In this episode, I sit down with Justin Gilchrist, who is an expert when it comes to buying and selling websites, along with owning Flipfilter.com, exitplan.co, and Centurica.com, all of which focus around the topic of buying and selling websites.

If you’re interested in buying and selling sites, I definitely recommend taking a look at Justin’s sites.

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